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Have you looked at the latest concept version of the Chevrolet Camaro? If so, you have probably noticed that a new breed of muscle cars has been born. This powerhouse car has been around for generations and is coming back with a vengace after taking a few years off. Look forward to a convertible model as well as standard coupe to be rolling off the line in the near future.

With large 21-inch front wheels, and beefier 22-inch wheels n the back, there is tons of traction and grip so that you stay firmly gripped to the road.  With a mammoth V-8 version slated, you are looking at some huge horsepower pumped out and plenty of torque to keep the Camaro as powerful as it once was.  On a smaller note there is also slated to be a V-6 that comes standard and still provides plenty of horsepower and torque. 

The worst news about the 2009 Chevy Camaro is that fans have to wait a while longer before drivers are able to find a model sliding into your local car dealership. With some sexy racing stripes hugging the convertible version of the concept car, this is one sleek looking car. With a small backseat, it is definitely not a family car, but the perfect choice for cruising around town, or going on vacation.

2009 Chevy Camaro

Bumble Bee edition as seen in the Transformers movie

With a driver’s area designed to resemble a fighter cockpit, all instruments are positioned close to the driver for maximum control and convenience. Imagine driving this classic beauty down the road without having to mortgage the house for a quality sports car. With MSRP expected to start at around $25,000, this car is sure to become an affordable classic sports car.

2009 Camaro Coupe review

The Camaro concept coupe for 2009, debuted almost two years ago now and it is still setting up quite a buzz throughout the industry, but for car enthusiasts, it is the convertible model that has taken their heart. The two-seater beauty simply astounds you. This popular model is to be built upon the celebrated Zeta platform and will feature 21-inch wheels and a thrill ride unlike any other production car on the road.

The 09 Camaro (as a beautifully designed car in any right) also makes a perfect convertible. A longer body (186.2 inches in length) and wider chassis, this model is expected to hold its own against its closest competition for the hearts (and wallets) of drivers everywhere. Chevrolet seems be adept at knowing what its drivers want offering up more horsepower and a better transmission system than its competition. The concept is blunt and well thought out and makes for a near-perfect muscle car with just the right bits of Camaro past tossed in for spice. The powerhouse under the hood is rumored to be the 6.2L, 430 HP LS3 engine. It is still a mystery what will power the mighty Z/28 model, but whispers abound that the 650+ HP supercharged 6.2L LS9 will be chosen. This powerhouse is also reported to be going into the special model Blue Devil Corvette.

6.2L LS3 8 cylinder engine boasting and estimated 430 HP

Shortly after the 2009 Chevy Camaro makes it's way into production, it will retain all the creature comforts and pure unadulterated beauty of this stunning concept vehicle? Only time will tell. A whisper here and there from a technician or designer dropping hints at details and standard features would not hurt though. Chrome and paint never looked as good as it does on this lithe and speedy creature. Looking more bad-ass than anything ever shot down the Chevy pike, this completely approachable car invites the driver to settle in for what can only be described as an exhilarating ownership of the road. Convertibles by their very design are designed to show off the real you, and you will definitely want to show off this beauty as you cruise through town or along your own personal stretch of highway.

It has been said (by coupe and sedan drivers probably) that convertibles are made for a special breed of driver. Not everyone is ready for the simple exhilaration as the wind races through your hair. There is a definite immediacy to this sort of motoring that is unsettling to some; an edginess that comes from having nothing above your head but blue skies…and eagles.

Coincidentally, this is another symbol of freedom.


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